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My daughter has just closed…

My daughter has just closed on a beautiful hometown in Odenton, MD and Carol was absolutely invaluable to her in my daughter’s search for a wonderful place to live. Carol demonstrated great understanding of my daughter’s needs and limitations and showed her many great choices. Last month, I drove down to Maryland to help my daughter finalize her choices and Carol spent a great deal of time with us seeing almost 10 different properties in one day. After an offer was accepted, everything seemed to be going smoothly. Then, two days before closing, there was a snafu that occurred where the mortgage lender was balking at closing because of a heretofore undisclosed litigation against the local homeowners association. Even though the litigation seemed to have no bearing whatsoever on the townhome being purchased, it was appearing like the underwriters would not grant the loan. Carol quickly researched the issue, saw that this was a solvable problem and used her local knowledge and contacts to educate the mortgage lender and lead them to the correct conclusion that this was a non-issue. I am convinced that, without Carol, my daughter would not be in that home today. Thank you!

I heartily endorse Carol Tinnin!

Dr. Orons, Odenton