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Murray Hill

Within walking distance of West Street, on the edge of Spa Creek, and just southwest of the Naval Academy, is a neighborhood that many call “the sweet spot in Annapolis.” In Murray Hill, you have the beauty of the Historic District, without the added costs & restrictions of owning a historic building. As you explore the community, you’ll see a wide variety of color and architecture. It’s also a short walk to the water from any lot in the neighborhood, and many access points for launching a canoe, kayak, or other small craft.

You may spot a Great Blue Heron on the water, or a pair of Osprey, hunting for fish.

Many of the Murray Hill homes were build in the early 1900’s, and homeowners have done a great deal of remodeling done in the past few years. Nine foot ceilings are common, as are hardwood floors, careful landscaping, and neighborhood chats over fences.

The average age of residents in Murray Hill is 45. The price range is from the low 400’s to 3.5 million, with 900,000 being the average sale price.

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