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Should You Hire a Stager?

HGTV is our best friend, but it can feel like our worst enemy.

It’s our best friend because we love all the ideas we get for decorating our homes. They help us save so much money! They give us great little hacks that make a room look bigger, or brighter, or brand new!

It feels like our worst enemy when people expect that level of quality as they’re looking at buying your home.

But it’s not–HGTV did us a huge favor. They gave us a tool that can maximize your home’s resale price, and help buyers feel more “at home” when they visit your property.

Staging may not seem like a high priority, but its value can be measured in dollars and cents. When you look at these photos, which home would you feel more comfortable in?

Homes that are professionally staged…

…sell for 5% more, on average. That’s $15,000 on a 300,000 property! (Oh, and 50% of staged homes sell for 10% more!)

…sell faster. A staged home sells in an average of 72% LESS time on the market!

…make your real estate photos look FABULOUS. Staging can make the most of the space you have–and even better, 28% of buyers suddenly become more willing to “overlook property faults” when staged. Everything wrong with a property is still disclosed, but if buyers can see how your magenta backsplash suddenly works with the kitchen, it’s less likely to be a turn-off.

…allow buyers to see themselves living there. Very few people can visualize whether or not their king-sized bed, or their comfy recliner will actually fit in an empty room. Staging helps them imagine the life they’ll enjoy living there, in your property.

…are a great return on investment. A survey of over 3500 homes by the National Association of Realtors showed an average of a 1000% return on investment, when homeowners spent only 1% of the home’s value on staging. However, the majority of homes don’t need to spend that much, and I can help you set the right budget.

…actually reduce your stress, since all of your clutter is packed away before your home even sells!
At the end of the day, by NOT staging, you might be leaving money on the table. It’s my job to help you find a buyer or renter for your home as quickly as possible. I can help you select the right stager for your home, and ensure that you’ll get the most bang for your buck.